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We are a boutique for business owners who don't have time to recreate the wheel. A one-stop shop where you can achieve a Good Business with No Stress. An association of like-minded entrepreneurs who think outside the box to overcome obstacles to lifetime business success. 

$200 is your entrance fee for two years. Browse this website to see what we can do for you. Call for more information 312-300-7489.

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But what if you don't know what business you want?

We can help with that too! Here is some quick advice about the best type of new business to start:

1. Try expanding on a hobby or selling products or services that you normally give away for free. Or think back to your childhood for activities that gave you joy, or that others always said you would be good at.

2. At first, to keep stress low, sell to people you know and let them critique your product or service's value. If at first you don't know how to price your offering, simply let users tell you how much they would pay for it! Figure out later if you can afford to sell it for that price and still make a profit.

3. Listen to what users want and need. Because your goal here is to give it to them!

The Bottom Line? Passion drives success in business.

When you passionately keep customer needs Job #1, and charge based upon the Value Received, then you WILL truly have a Successful Business with No Stress!
 AAIME is an unbeatable One-Stop Shop for successful business ownership!

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Join AAIME Business Association, a 501c3 non-profit charity, for $200 for two years.

Enjoy FREE membership benefits AND 40% discounts on business services AND up to 70% discounts on printing!

AAIME's partner is long time accounting and management consulting firm New Link Access Corporation. New Link provides professional business services.

In addition to Free member benefits, AAIME members receive emotional support, motivation, understanding, and discounts, backed up by New Link's expert business technical support.

Our unique combination can help you Think like a successful business owner and get your Paperwork in order to become a successful business. That's twice the support available anywhere else!

Other business associations can help you with marketing. Other accountants can help you with paperwork and taxes. But AAIME does all that PLUS gives you a one-stop shop for business. join AAIME so you don't waste time or money.

Because AAIME can take you and your business from "zero to 100" as quickly as you want to get there.

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But what if you do know what you want?

Save time and money by working with experts in the these business areas

• Management consulting
• Problem solving
• Business structure, formation & set-up
• Licensing
• Credit
• Banking & loans
• Introductions
• Business paperwork

• Networking & Social Media
• Printing

• Bookkeeping
• Tax preparation
• Payroll

• Employment issues
• Unemployment & Dept of Labor issues
• Independent contractors

That's why we are a one-stop shop for business. Don't waste time working with different vendors or trying to do it all yourself!

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