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AAIME Guest Services Solves these business problems
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• Staff Person who does it Overworked and/or Out of the Office
• Need My Paperwork Filled Out Correctly
• Save Money
• Tired of Different Vendors 

Additional Guest Services & Order Entry Procedure

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Exclusive AAIME Membership Benefits

The #1 Business Rule: Minimize Fees!

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Paperwork, Business Registration, and Certification

• Paperwork is any non-financial two-page form you need filled out. Cost is $37.50 for each two pages.

State Registration for Sales Tax, Withholding Tax, or Unemployment: $110 each.

• Register for a Business License- cost is $195 plus the cost of the license.

• Register for a General Contractor's License- cost is $390 plus the cost of the license.

• Certify for contracts set aside for Minorities, Women, or Persons with Disabilities. Cost starts at $390.
Call for more info 312 300-7489

Business Payroll Services

AAIME Payroll Service Pricing

Want to save money on Payroll services? Now you can! Payroll service for each ten employees or independent contractors costs only $37.50 each payday (minimum two paydays per month, or $45 for one payday per month), and includes:
• Accurate calculation of payroll (including applicable taxes, deductions, garnishments, vacation, and sick pay, if any.)
• Pay stubs
• Direct Deposit
• Payroll tax & Forms e-File
• Free W-2 Forms
• Members: Get your questions Answered for FREE! !

1099 Forms
Cost: 1 to 9 Forms-$37.50 each, 10 to 29 Forms $29.99 each, 30 Forms or more, call for quote.
You provide name, address, proper Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN), Social Security Number (SSN), Employer Identification Number (EIN), and amount paid for the year. 

We will print 1099 Forms and email them to you to pass out. We will also efile your 1099 Forms to the IRS, and provide you with a copy for your files.

If you want, we can even print and USPS mail 1099 Forms to your people for you. Cost: $5.50 each.
Call for more info 312 300-7489

Business & Personal Tax Preparation Services

AAIME Tax Prep Pricing

Tax Pros for over 35 years, we are friendly and "on your side." We specialize in personal, small business, corporate, partnership, single-member LLC, 501c3 charity, and community based non-profit, bookkeeping and taxes. We handle all the details and answer every question! It all starts with bookkeeping.

What is Bookkeeping?
Bookkeeping takes your raw sales and deductions data, like deposits, bank statements, receipts, invoices, credit card statements, cash receipts etc, and totals and organizes it in order to file your taxes.

For example, since the IRS only taxes income, the money you deposit into your bank account must be analyzed with that in mind. Because loans, grants, money deposited by you, refunds, gifts, etc. are not income and therefore are not subject to income tax. So a good bookkeeper will set these aside (because they may still end up on your business balance sheet.) That way, you don't end up paying more tax than you have to.

A good bookkeeper also analyzes money you pay out in search of legal tax deductions. Uncommon ones include start-up expenses, mileage,
repairs versus improvements, home office, just to name a few.

The bottom line? Good bookkeeping doesn't cost, it pays! Because the Federal taxes you pay are not deductible, but money spent on bookkeeping, accounting and tax preparation is. Funny huh? That's why the rich have armies of accountants and bookkeepers. Think about that.

Taxes & Bookkeeping Cost
Bookkeeping: $75/hour & $0.75 each item.

Tax Preparation with FREE E-File:
Personal Taxes $75 for US1040, plus $75 per hour with the first 1/2 hour FREE, plus $25 for each additional Form like Schedule C or State tax return.
Popular Business Taxes such as 1120, 1120-S, 1065, 990, 990-EZ, Schedule C, cost 1% of gross revenue, minimum $350.
Tax extensions: Personal $57; Business $69; Non-Profit $45. Cost of extension doubles within 48 business hours of deadline.
Sales Tax: $37.50 to file plus $37.50 to pay. Bookkeeping extra.

MEMBERS ONLY can learn more FOR FREE about
• Good business record keeping.
• Receipts- What to keep & for how long. What to throw away, & why.
• Easy ways to organize business papers.
• Tax rules that benefit you, AND your business.
• What to know about filing back taxes.
• Solving tax problems.

Here's what you've been looking for! AAIME Membership can teach you how to Make Taxes Work for You!
Call for more info 312 300-7489

LLC & Incorporation

Business Creation
Includes: Articles of Incorporation/Organization, Tax ID Number, bank account opening Docs
For-profit C-Corporation: $655.50
S-Corporation: $755.50
Add Corporate Organizing documents: $175
(1st Shareholders, 1st Directors, Bylaws, up to 3 custom stock certificates printed)
Corporate Records Book with Seal: $155 plus shipping
Setup Corporate Records Book: $175
LLC: $390
LLC Operating Agreement: $350
Add Non-profit Corporate Organizing documents: $87.50 (1st Shareholders, 1st Directors, Bylaws, up to 3 custom member certificates printed) Corporate Records Book with Seal: $85 plus shipping
Corporate/LLC Paperwork:
Annual report filings: $38.21
Annual report filings: $88.21
Reinstatements: $50 plus $38.21 per Report
Amendments: $38.21
Assumed name: $38.21
Expedite: $50

AAIME Members Business Setup Service includes:
• FREE- Answering your questions,
• FREE- Advice on correct business setup
• FREE- Registered Agent Service
Call for more info 312 3007489

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Non-profit Articles of Incorporation: $405.50
Includes: Articles of Incorporation, Tax ID Number, bank account opening Docs.
Prepare 501c3 application: Cost $650 (allows your organization to receive tax-deductible donations. Includes Narrative, application fill-out, financial statements, Conflict of Interest Policy, Dissolution Clause.)
e-File your 501c3 application for those who qualify. Cost $125, IRS fee extra.
Register your organization with your State's Attorney General so it can solicit donations. Member cost $375.
• Prepare your application for a State sales tax exemption. Cost $275.
Prepare and e-File your Federal and State tax returns. Starts at $75.

• Members Only- AAIME will Act as your Fiscal Sponsor so that your organization can receive grants and donations until you get your 501c3. Cost $500 plus 5% of cash donated.
• Mentor and teach you non-profit business management Best Practices. FREE for Members
• Help with grant writing. FREE for Members
Call for more info 312 300-7489

Professional Business

Business printing done right. Shipped nationwide via UPS.
• Full Color • Custom Printing
• Custom Forms

Checks & Cash Management
• Business Forms
• Carbonless forms
• Business Cards
• Envelopes
• Letterhead
• Invoices • Proposals
• Catalogs
• Brochures • Pluggers • Flyers
• Lawn Signs • Vehicle Magnets
• Banners

Members who are volume printers qualify for discounts of up to 70%!

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