AAIME's Mission

Our goal is for each AAIME member to have a good business with no stress.

Because the Board of Directors of AAIME has always believed that due to political capture by the elites, the good-paying jobs of America's industrial age may be gone for good.

Why? Because Capitalism seeks profits wherever they are. In other words, we now live in a time where airplanes, international communications, and the internet all mean that corporations can manage workers halfway across the world just as easily as they can here in America.

But workers in other parts of the world will work for much less than Americans. That's why many good paying American jobs have been lost to workers overseas and around the world. Unfortunately, it may get much worse before it gets better.

That's why our cities right here at home are crumbling. That's why most Americans have to work very hard just to keep up with the cost of living in their area.

But if you are going to work hard, you should work for yourself and your family, not to make someone else, who doesn't care about you rich.

That's why you see entrepreneurship growing. That's why AAIME exists. We are a one-stop shop for business.

AAIME is where you can get the affordable business services you need. AAIME is where you can get free professional advice, support and encouragement, and network, so your business can get ahead and stay ahead.

Because owning your own good business puts you in control of your destiny. Welcome to AAIME!

AAIME members know that we can do much better, for ourselves and our families, than trying to live on the crumbs that politicians and the fatcats who own them, are giving us, the 99% of Americans.

Since big business is not going to save us, we must save ourselves.

The Good News

God gives each one of us unique talents that we can use to have a successful, wonderful life and help the world.

All we have to do is dig deep into ourselves, bring those talents to the surface, and use them.

We each have the ability to share our talents with others. The more we share, the stronger we get and the more our businesses grow.

But what if you do all that and still need help with managing and running your business?

That's AAIME's talent!

Because there are too many rules, regulations, laws, and best practices to keep up with in the business world today. If you don't already have someone to take your hand and lead you through this minefield, let AAIME come in.

Whether you’re looking for help with management consulting, networking, business paperwork, bookkeeping, accounting, payroll services, or business printing, we can help.

But it's not only that. We've got to be the solution we are looking for! Why should we depend on big business to save us and our communities when we can do it ourselves? AAIME answers this question with "You do what you do. We'll do the rest."

Furthermore, real talent comes from the bottom! The media and society might like you to think that big business has all the answers. However, true innovation has always come from the streets. That's because only the people living in the community truly know and understand what the community needs.

We can all save our children, our communities, and ourselves, if we simply just do what almighty God gave each of us the talent to do, right where we live.

AAIME helps, guides, and supports you through every step of Your journey to business success.  

Call us with questions or for more information about how we isolate problems, help solve them, and then get or keep you on track to having a Good Business with No Stress at 312-300-7489 or click here to inquire. 

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