AAIME's Mission in Entrepreneur Networking

Here at AAIME, our goal is for each of our members to have a good business with no stress The Board of Directors of AAIME has always believed that the good-paying jobs of America's industrial age are gone for good.

Why? Because Capitalism seeks profits wherever they are. Now we live in a time where airplanes, international communications, and the internet all mean that corporations can manage workers halfway across the world just as easily as they can here in America, causing many of our jobs to be lost to workers overseas and around the world. We know that we can do better, thus the creation of our business development networks.

Currently, the status quo is that large corporations do not have to pay American workers anything close to what they are worth. Because there are workers elsewhere who will work for less. That's why our cities right here at home are crumbling. Most Americans are making far less than they’re owed, especially for the cost of living in their area. This is why you see entrepreneurship growing, thus the need for entrepreneur networking.

Since big business is not going to save us, we must save ourselves.

Why We Need Business Development Networks

God gives each one of us unique talents that we can use to have a successful, wonderful life and help the world. All we have to do is dig deep into ourselves and bring those talents to the surface, and use them. When we have the ability to share our talents with other professionals, we can all strengthen our networks and grow our businesses. But what if you do all that but still need help managing and running a business today? There are too many rules, regulations, laws, and best practices to keep up with in the business world today. If you have no one to take your hand and lead you through this minefield, that's where AAIME comes in. WIth our entrepreneur networking, we can connect you with the right professionals and companies for your needs. Whether you’re looking for help with accounting, payroll services, legal, or human resources, we have someone within our business development networks who can help.

But it's not only that. We've got to be the solution you are looking for! Why should we depend on big business to save us and our communities when we can do it ourselves? AAIME answers this question with "You do what you do. We'll do the rest."

Furthermore, talent comes from the bottom! The media and society might like you to think that big business has all the answers. However, true innovation has always come from the streets. That's because only the people living in the community truly know and understand what the community needs.

We can all save our children, our communities, and ourselves, if we simply just do what almighty god gave each of us the talent to do, right where we live.

AAIME is here to help, guide, and support you every step of the way in this: Your journey to business success.  

 Call us with questions or for more information about how to get started with our business development networking at 312-440-9357 or click here to inquire. 

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